Restaurant Wifi Video Power Bank

This menu power bank is based on Android System and display videos and pictures. Big capacity 20000mah, can work for 18 hours. Application: restaurant, hotel, bookshop, airport, hair salon, etc.

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wifi menu power bank

restaurant wifi video power bank

The wifi video power bank is 20000mah capacity with 7inch HD LCD screen. The device based on Android system and works like a tablet.

When the device is connected with WI-FI, you can upload advertising though your computer or mobile phone. 

Details of wifi video power bank:   

wifi video player

Special Features: 

Android System and online release advertising

>  Both sides display: front side display movies or pictures, back side show a printed advertisement.

>  Acrylic shell, black color, looks more clean and comfortable

> Remotely Manage Power Bank Display Content through WIFI.

> Split screen display

> Products suitable for hotels, restaurant, airpots, wedding, etc.





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Is the server fee for L16W Wi Fi model essential? Can we use the Wi Fi option without it?

> The server fee is for L16W is essential for advertising. We will install an advertising APK in it and we will also need to pay the server fee. Without it, the device cannot play advertising normally. 

Is it possible to pay with Western Union, Money Gram or with Master Card

> Yes, I can send you an Trade assurance order and you can pay with Master Card. We also accept Western Union.

Are the cables provided in the standard accessories pack only mini USB or at least one is suitable for IPhone?

> The charging cable is 2 in 1 cable with Android and Iphone connectors.

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