Protable Bluetooth Music Pillow

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Portable Bluetooth Music Pillow

There is a pillow called Zeround, which is a bit different.

Zeround Bluetooth Music Pillow is a bit strange. When you put it on your neck and rest, it can play music at the same time. 

"Zeround Bluetooth Music Pillow" is based on ergonomic U-shaped design, which fits perfectly on the shoulders and neck of the human body. When we work, it perfectly supports our neck, shoulders, and face around our neck. The interior uses high-elastic memory foam material to provide us with a comfortable sleep.

Zeround Bluetooth Pillow built-in invisible speaker. You don't need to wear headphones to sleep while listening to the songs. Say goodbye to ear discomfort and experience comfort.

The pillowcase has a detachable design for easy cleaning, and there are currently two choices of vibrant red business gray. More surprise colors are still in the design...



Portable and compact, let us carry no more trouble. Travel, work lunch breaks, play games... This blue music pillow called Zeround Bluetooth Music Pillow has exceeded the pillow.

portable travel pillow

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