HOT!!!!! A Revolution Of Sound Experience-----Bluetooth U-shape Music Pillow

- Nov 15, 2018 -

HOT!!!!! Bluetooth U-shape Music Pillow

Welcome to zeround world, It's a revolution of sound experience.

You must be thinking that's amazing, it's just a pillow, but why call it's a revolution of sound experience. 


Shoulder and neck is pain more serious day by day. Take a rest on the table you will feel pain in your neck and arms. When you look down on your mobile phone you will feel sore cervical pain. When you use the computer in a pose for long time you will stiff in your shoulder and neck. So you need to protect your shoulder and neck.


The music pillow use high-elastic memory cotton, balanced dispersion of neck pressure, reducing cervical compression. Built-in invisible speaker, you don't need to wear headphones to sleep while listening to the songs. Say googbye to ear discomfort and experience comfort. 


The magical directional sound. The sound from the inside to out side, will not affect others, super 3D surround sound, use the body to feel the shocking music, unprecedented enjoyment. It makes your game more enjoyable. Bring the shocking effect for you when you are watching movie.


The features of Zeround bluetooth directional music pillow as follows:

1. Somatosensory music

2. Stereo support

3. Perfect curve

4. Soft and comfortable

5. 3D suround sound

6. Same music frequency resonance

7. Removable and cleaning



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