Wifi Menu Power Bank

This menu power bank is based on Android System and display videos and pictures. Big capacity 20000mah, can work for 18 hours. Application: restaurant, hotel, bookshop, airport, hair salon, etc.

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wifi menu power bank

This menu power bank is based on Android System. Big capacity 20000mah, can work for 18 hours. 

Application: coffee shop, hotel, bookshop, airport, hair salon and so on.

Parameters of the wifi menu power bank:   


Characteristic of the wifi menu power bank: 

Android System and WIFI Function

> One side 7 Inch 1080P HD Digital IPS LCD Screen, Display Videos and Pictures and a print papaer inserted the other side.

HD panel present exquisite image with high resolution

> Remotely Manage Power Bank Display Content through WIFI and Advertising Content Management System.

> With 7 inch HD IPS screen, the digital signage can service people from all direction 

> Rolling word, permanent company logo, date, calendar, time display, help you display your advertisement in all ways.

Particulars of the wifi menu power bank:


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Product Qualification of the power bank:


- For the security cable: is it possible that I can insert the cables myself? Or can it only be managed directly from the manufacturer (I have in mind an example where the cables are damaged and I have to replace them)

>> First of all, we need to make the security version on our factory. Because the shell is different as the normal one. When you receive it, you can take out the cable and insert it by yourself.


- How long are the device security cables? What are they made of (what material)? And to what do they have to be attached?

>> The security wire is 1m. The material is steel. It have to be attached to the table leg.


- How do I turn on/off the screens from the backend? Can I do this even if the device is not connected to wifi?

>> Please find the terminal on the back-end and click the config. Then you can set the on/off time.  

When you set the on/off, the device must connect with wifi. Once finished setting, the device will work no matter have wifi or not.

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