Ceiling Highly Ultrasonic Directional Audiobeam Sound Speaker

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ultrasonic directional audiobeam sound speakers 

sonicbeam sound focusing audio speaker

Model: G-17                               SIZE: 315*155*75mm


Ultrasonic wavelength is only a few millimeters, much smaller than the speaker, thus can produce nearly linear narrow beam. Ultrasonic wave directional loudspeaker can be like a flashlight beam directional spread in the air, can control the sound waves in a particular area, sound is very big, in the specified area out of the area, there would be little voice, not even

Advantages of Ultrasonic Directional Speaker


A. Strong directivity, achieve the best point to control the voice and maximum reduce noise pollution.

B. Easy installation, can be installed at any Angle

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Technical indicators:


Propagation distance: 3 ~ 100 meters
Transmission Angle: plus or minus 15 degrees
Harmonic distortion: 0.5% or less (power 30 w, or less propagation distance within 100 meters)
Power supply: 24V, 5A
Audio interface: 3.5 mm audio interface
Sound pressure level: 85 dB @ 1 KHZ / 1 M
Working temperature: 0
to 40
Power consumption:
maximum 30 W



1. Super directivity: has the ultra narrow beam Angle, avoid the interference of different sound source

      2.Low loss of true: preprocessing algorithm to reduce distortion, meet the demand of common speech and music


     3.Long distance: the intensity of the sound doesn't decay with distance changed, increased the    propagation distance


    4.Virtual sound sources: the object reflection to make the sound effect


    5.Ultra-thin characteristics: ultra-thin transducer unit enables the system with the thickness of ultra-thin

sound focusing speaker.jpg

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