Trade Show 30inch Sound Focusing Double Audio Dome Loudspeaker And Directiona Sound Beam System

The Sound Dome system is specially designed for the sound diffusion in narrow reflection places. Especially used in small area’s introduction of the big supermarkets, stores, science museum, film library, museum, park, etc. It can reduce the interference of sound to others; we can install almost 10 loudhailers in setting areas based on certain distance. .

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Product Details

Double  Parabola Rounded Crest Loudspeaker

* Lisen Double Parabola Rounded Crest Loudspeaker  

20/30 dia, dome, 5.25 two-frequency division, single track

Provides full-frequency radiation and strong bass voice 

Fully applied in multi-sound areas and public broadcasting system 

The Dual-Parabolic of Patent technology has the maximization sound focusing. 

The Zero reflection of Patent and cabinet technology has the upstage tone.

* The most legible sound

Can be fixed in ceiling, wall, and other conditions with single-point installation. * The colors and areas can be customized.

Double Parabola Rounded Crest Loudspeakers are clean and bright with security and damage proof can be used in many kinds of situation. 


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