Android Media Player For Restaurant

This android media player for restaurant is suitable for: Restaurant, Hospital, Salons, Bars, etc. It has android system with Advertising System, and can remote upload advertising and contral screen on/off.

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Product Details

Android media player for restaurant


This android media player for restaurant is suitable for: Restaurant, Hospital, Salons, Bars, etc. It has android system with Advertising System, and can remote upload advertising and contral screen on/off.

Details of the android media player for restaurant:


Characteristic of android media player for restaurant: 

  • Provides customers with a service that they all need and will all use.

  • Keep customers inside the venue for longer thus increasing customer spend.

  • Add 20-30% to your customers phone in a 25 minutes period*.

  • Captive audience, long dwell time (10-20 minutes) as well as practical & innovative concept

  • USB outputs, it can charge 3 mobile phones at least.

  • The screen is 7 Inch 1080P HD Digital IPS LCD Screen.

  • Display Video and Picture at the same time.

  • Remotely control terminal ON/OFF and release new advertising.

  • Big Capacity 20000mAh

Product details of the android media player for restaurant

Table stand tablet advertising charging station

advertising charging station

 tablet charging station

Desktop advertising charging station

Product Qualification:

charging station certificates


table top charging station

Packing details:

Table stand tablet advertising power bank

Shipping methods:

menu power bank


wifi power bank


The L17W unit content management system can be managed with only an Android mobilephone? Or is it possible to manage it via PC, Mac or iPhone?

>>>  It is better to login the management system on computer, MAC is also ok.  Just need to use Firebox or Google Chrome.


The L17W units have to be connected 100% of the time to WiFi? Or just when I need to download the videos/pictures into the units?

>>>  You just need the wifi when you need to download the videos or when you need the internet while using the device.


The units can have my logo imprinted on them? If so, what would be the cost for this?

>>>  Yes, we can print your logo on the shell.  

       The film fee is USD 35. Then the unit printing cost is USD 0.2~0.3 (according to the color).


What is the button with the finger on it for?

>>> It is the on/off of the device.


The cable security option can be managed by me? Or only when it comes directly from you?

>>> It comes only from us. Need to inform us before production.

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Name: Annie Yu

Skype: szlisen01       

Wechat: yhx18808929233

Mobile: +86 188 9835 9527                                


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